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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace, Mann.
Iw wan flout to preserve to the Queen of Hungary 1' Her affairs begin to take a little better turn again; Broglio is pnwmtod from joining Maillebois, who, they affirm, can never bring his army off, as the King of Poland is guarding all tho avenues of Saxony, to prevent his passing through that country.
1 wroto to you in my last to desire that the Dominichin and my fltatue might come by a man-of-war. Now, Sir Robort, who Is impatient for his picture, would have it sent in a Dutch nhip, as ho says ho can easily get it from Holland. Jf you think this conveyance quite safe, I beg my statue may boar it company.
Toll mo it' you arc tirod of ballads on my Lord Bath; if you aro not, horo is another admirable one, I believe by the same huntl UH tho others; but by tho conclusion certainly ought not to bo Willimnn'H. I only send you the good odes, for the ncw.MpaporH arĀ« ovovy day full of bad ones on this fnmous Earl.
Quern vimm, ant Jicroa, lyra, wl acri rribia Mimes cdtbrarc, Clio?
What- statoHman, what horo, what king, Whoso namo through the island is spread,
Will you chooHO, 0 my Clio, to sing, Of all tho great living or dead?
Go, my Muso, from this place to Japan In sonrch of a topic for rhyme;
Tho groat Earl of Bath is the man,
Who clesorvoH to employ your whole time.
But lunvo'or, as tho subject is nice,
And   povhnps you're unfnrnish'd with matter; May it  ploaso you to take my advico,
That yon mayn't bo FuiHpuctod to Hatter.